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Top 5 Bluff Tips

You may bluff on player that have “Good hand” but not the best hand. If a player raises before the flop, most likely he has 1 A card. Wait a bit before you call (like you have a good hand), then call. If on the flop there is no A card, let him make the bet, he will probably make it… again- wait a bit before you act, then make high re-raise that will make him think that you have the better hand. Even if he has low pair on the flop, he will fold with that hand.

3-4 players have called the hand, and then all the players are checking after the flop. If on the tern card everyone checks, make a high bet that won’t leave them any choice but to fold. If some one makes re-raise, this is your time to fold. Note that it’s better to do that when you are in a good position, it will minimize the risk of losing that hand.

When you decide to bluff, it’s better to bluff in a tight table. On tight table the players are folding many hands, which means that the players are often waiting for good cards, they will fear to fold if they have middle-high card, because they know that there are many more hands to come. When you see players constantly betting and calling many of the hands, this is your queue to wait for a good card only and not to bluff.

When you are in the dealer position and every one fold on the table. make a medium raise, at least 3 times the blind, most likely the small blind and the big blind will fold but if 1 calls the hand, and you see flop, this is the time to make the bluff- give a high bet to take out the player from the hand, at least 5 times the pot (don’t put “all in”, take the medium risk on this bluff).

This is a ground rule: do not bluff your opponents often; players will remember that you bluff. Try to take an advantage of your position and try to change the manner you play, in other words- don’t be predictable with your pattern of bluffing players


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