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Gus Hansen Poker Strategies - Read and Learn

Gus Hansen poker strategies are considered to be one of the best strategies for winning a poker game.

Gus Hansen is a famous poker player and his book, “Every Hand Revealed” shows all the strategies used by the ace gamer while played for the ‘Aussie Millions Event’. He also analyzed each and every hand that he played at the time. This insight into the hands will surely help its readers to use them in their games. If you want to learn more about poker strategy, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are a few Gus Hansen poker strategies which are mentioned in his book.

• Slow down and try to figure out where you have gone wrong in the games that you lost. Make sure that you don’t repeat them again.

• An early pre flop should not be taken very lightly. When you pay more attention to the pre flop you are less likely to give an opportunity again to the opponent.

• You can go ahead with the raise of the pre flop with k x suit but only if you are in the lead of the pot and in a later position.

• You can look up to raise the pre flop on the ‘button’, ‘cut off’ or ‘power’ positions.

• One of the important Gus Hansen poker strategies is that you should never continue the betting on a flop game. You can prevent losing by searching for the crucial downfalls.

• You have to try to prevent the situation of being out drawn by positioning the opponent in an all-in on the flop and also while the pot’s width declares that the game is in its zenith.

• You will have to immediately fold your hand if you realize that you are being check raised by the opponent or others alike.

Therefore, these are the Gus Hansen poker advanced strategies used by many poker players around the world.


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