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Holdem Poker Rules

One of the most well known versions of poker game is Texas Holdem. This amazing game is played by millions of people around the globe. It is very easy to learn Holdem Poker Rules and the simplest method to learn Holdem rules is to play with the people who are ready to help and teach you! If you don’t have any person to teach you the Holdem Poker Rules, then you can go to any of your favorite online poker website, in which you will be able to learn all the rules and strategies of the game. There are thousands of online poker websites which provides loads of information’s about the poker games, tournaments, rules and regulations. Generally the Texas Holdem Poker Rules starts with the two poker players instantly to the left side of the dealer button that moves clockwise around the poker table. Before the poker cards are dealt, the two poker players to the left side of the dealer have to put their large and small ‘blinds’ into the pot( it is the fixed amount of cash that ensures that there is always cash in play for every hand).

Holdem Poker rules shows that every poker player is dealt two poker cards face down and the betting begins. The Players can raise, fold or call. Once all the poker players had their turn, the dealer would discard the main poker card, which is known as ‘burn’, inorder to ensure that no player saw this card and later puts out 3 communities cards, known as the flop, face up in the middle of the table. Next round of betting starts. When you start playing the online poker game, you will be able to learn the Holdem Poker Rules of the game slowly.

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