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Poker Ace Tournament

Here is a solution to the situation when you have lost on the flop in the poker ace tournament.

You have finished dealing the best starting hand and you raise it to obtain more than a single caller. The flop comes around and you miss it due to the absence of king or ace in it.

At this point of time, all you have to know is that the ace king is a drawing hand which means that the ace king needs to be improved to be called a hand. This hand should have at least one pair.

At the next step you need to “pair on the flop” for just 1/3rd of the whole time or in other words the hand will be improved only one out of two times. Next, you will want to move all in on the flop and sometimes you do not want to. Timing is very essential in a poker ace tournament.

After you have lost the ace king starting hand, see the number of players that are against you. If two players or less, then you can continue the game after betting on the flop. This is the best solution. While you have more than two players against you, then you will have to “check and fold”. So be ready to do so.

At the same time if your competitor makes at bet against you on the flop, you will have to make a fold. But if you have all the odds of a right pot in order to continue a drawing hand then do not fold. Now for instance, while you have flopped on a ‘straight draw’ you will possess ten cards which will come on the turn to make you win by giving you the needed hand.

However, if you are pot committed, then it is best for you to move all in to the flop without considering which cards are put on the flop.

For more tips on how to play the poker ace tournament, refer the book written by our own poker player, Doyle Brunson. He is the perfect to give tips on poker. You can also find some poker tournament tips here on PokerAAPlayers.


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