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Poker Advanced Strategies- Learn From The Pros

Poker is a difficult game to master. Gaining skill in poker takes a lot of time. Some people have gained practice in poker through casinos and online poker rooms or even family games. People who have already mastered the basics of poker know the basic poker strategy and have a decent level of skill in the game can make use of poker advanced strategies.

Some of the advanced strategies in poker are:

Blind Stealing:

A player in the late position usually employs this strategy. The player raises the bet to put pressure on the blinds, so that they fold. However, for the effective implementation of these poker advanced strategies, everyone else on table except the player must have already folded. Blind stealing is risky. However, it is among those poker advanced strategies that are important when the player is playing at tournaments involving higher stakes.

Pot Committed Players:

It is important to be aware regarding the opponent’s chips. You need to whether they are pot committed or not. Pot committed means that a good portion of the opponent’s chip stack is already in the pot. Thus, he/she is not likely to fold at this point, as that player would stand to lose many of his/her chips. The opponent who has committed half of his/her chips to the pot before the flop is usually pot committed.


David Sklansky, the poker theoretician launched the concept of semi-bluffing. Semi-bluffing employs two components that consist of the hand value and the bluff. Thus, through semi-bluffing, the players can win the pot on the spot or later if the hand improves in value. This is what makes semi-bluffing as one of the strongest poker advanced strategies. It costs the same as calling, but benefits you more.

Betting Patterns:

Never play your hands in the same way. If the players at your table are a group of advanced players, chances are that they will learn your patterns of betting. Thus, mix up your style occasionally, so that your play becomes unpredictable. This way, you can bluff and play more easily and your opponents will not be able to guess your strategy.

Slow Playing:

Slow playing is the art of making your opponents think that the value of your hand is less than its actual value. It makes your opponents raise their bets, thus increasing the value of the pot. Slow playing has the potential to win big pots. However, you should use it sparingly. Slow playing is among the most profitable poker advanced strategies in final rounds of tournaments and no-limit games.

Besides these poker advanced strategies, another very important strategy is, knowing when to quit. For instance, if you have a bad sequence of hands, it is best to let it go and take a break. Poker partially depends on luck and sometimes, the players cannot do anything about it. Rather than blowing away all the money, they should simply withdraw for a while and clear their minds. These strategies will help an advanced poker player to improve his/her game largely.


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