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Poker Holdem Strategy

There are many strategies being developed to make real money on virtual poker. Some games like ‘Sit down’ and the new games like ‘Double or nothing’ have changed the payout. Poker holdem strategy states that one need not come first to play the game but just need to sit till the game ends which makes you win.

The first tip offered under this strategy might sound completely opposite to the strategy you have learnt. This strategy states that you have to appear tight to have an upper hand in the game. When the game starts one shouldn’t play many hands and instead throw away the killer hole cards. This would make the other players unconsciously peg you as a tight player.

The second tip offered is not to go crazy as the game proceeds. In the course of the game one might find many suitable connectors like A-K and a lot of hole cards. The thought behind this is to remain alive and not to bring down big pots to take the first position. If you are the first one to bet then bet for big blind thrice. One should here remember that one has to stay ahead of blinds and antes until 5 players are busted out. If first to bet chance is not provided, just call.

The third tip offered by the poker holdem strategy is to change it up. After playing the game for some time and gaining some reputation, it’s time to take more chances and play on more hands. But aggressive bets lead to a fold. You have to play as a tight player and shouldn’t show off the poker skills you posses; this would help you in being on the top 5 at the end of the game. Before you strat playing you need to decide whether you are playing limit hold’em poker or no limit hold’em. The best thing will be to go over some basic Poker Strategy before getting started.

The Poker holdem strategy is totally different from standard tournament or cash game.


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