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Poker Percentages - The Importance of understanding Poker Percentages

There are many people who are playing poker games these days. However, most of them are not aware of the importance of poker percentages. If you are one amongst them, you are in the right place. This piece will provide you with some information on poker percentages. Mathematics plays an important role in poker games. With a proper practice, anyone will be able to learn about the grasp of the mathematics in poker games.

Know More About The Pre Flop Edges:

Pre flop edges are important for calculating the chances when facing the pre flop decisions. Therefore, if you have a higher pair than the other opponent’s pair, you will be approximately eighty percent favourite. If your opponent holds a higher card than the pair you have, you will be seventy to seventy five percent favourite. If your opponent holds 2 cards, which are higher than the pair you hold, you are roughly fifty – fifty with a slight favourite. In case, if you are holding two cards, which are higher than the non paired cards of your opponent, then you are approximately sixty three percent favourite. If you are the one, who is holding one card, which is higher than the two non-paired cards of your opponent, you are approximately fifty to fifty five percent favourite. Once you start playing the game, you will be able to see different types of poker percentages.

Know More About The Post Flop Edges And Poker Percentages:

If you are holding two suited cards and are of two, which suit on flop, you will have roughly a thirty five percent chance to hit the flush. However, if you miss the turn of hitting the river, you will have only a twenty percent chance. Whereas, if you are holding two suited cards, which are higher than the ones on a board with 2 of the same suit you are fifty – fifty against the opponent, who is holding the top pair. If your opponent is holding a set, which will drop down sharply to around twenty-five percent, it will be important for you to show how vital those extra over card are.

If you are holding an “open ended” straight draw, where 8 cards will offer you a straight, you will have roughly a thirty two percent chance to hit. This will decrease to around an eighteen percent edge if you miss the turn. However, if you are holding a kicker, which is higher than your opponent is, you will be around eighty-five percent favourite of winning.


Therefore, some of the key figures, which you have to keep in mind while playing hold’em are 75/25, 66/33 and 50/50. You will be able to see these figures in most of the common situations. If you want to know more about the poker percentages, a small research on the net will help you. There are numerous websites on internet, which will give you more information on the poker percentages. Considering these tips in your mind will help you to become a pro within a short period.


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