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Poker Strategy- Single Table Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament

Playing a single table hold’em tournament requires a lot of concentration and a bit of luck with the cards, but a keeping an eye on some basic ground rules and patterns can always help. The following information will improve your poker strategy and your poker game.

In the movie “Rounders” Matt Damon says right at the beginning of the movie that the first rule of Texas Hold’em is spotting the sucker at the first half hour of the game. Otherwise, he says – “you are the sucker”… Well, this statement is relevant for online poker as well, with minor adjustments. First of you should consider that online poker is much faster than land based tournaments. Therefore you might want to spot the sucker of the table in the first 10 minutes.

Your goal is to take his chips and hopefully become the tournament chip leader at an early phase.

How do you spot the table sucker? This would be a person who’s playing more hands than others, winning or losing but obviously putting his chips at risk more often than others, taking chances with sometimes mediocre hands. The player who will eliminate the table sucker (and he will be eliminated) wins a great opportunity to finish in the money.

As a player, you need to wait for your opportunity, Combination of a good location on the table (preferably late position and blinds) and some good cards. The rule is simple: the better your cards, the bigger your freedom to take initiative in earlier position. It will be beneficial to let the sucker make his move before you make it. The sucker will push first – but he will be careful of calling someone else that made a large bet; in a way he’s bluffing and trying to violently push players out of the hand to grow his chips stack. Calling has another benefit in earlier position with good cards – you get to see the pot on occasions and attack when you know you have something, but be careful of making the mistake of calling to often and becoming the table sucker…

Once you’ve taken the table’s sucker out of the table and you got his chips, play smart. Fold most cards, wait for others to make the mistakes, and attack with monsters. You’ll need to fold some good cards in the process but you shouldn’t take any risks; you’re already more than half way into the money. This is just a basic poker strategy to become a pro you have to play, the more you play your poker strategy will improve.


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