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Top 5 Poker Tournaments Tips

Playing at a multiplayer tournament it’s important that you will be tight player. Be aggressive when you have good hand and know when to fold.

Let’s say you are in middle position and you have AQ, 1 player has call the blind and there are 4 more players after you to talk, you must make a high raise 5-8 times the blind. You want that 1 or maximum 2 players will call your raise, after they call and if you didn’t get a good flop, like an Ace card, you must place a high bet to make them fold. If you got a good flop, try as mush as you can to drag the players till the river with medium low bets. If you have really good hand, you should make medium bet on the flop and in the turn to check, just wait for the other players to make the bet and take their chips. If some players have re-raised you, always watch out not to lose all your chips in 1 hand.

Do not go “all in”, especially when you are in bad position. You should make a high raise instead of going “all in”, there are many more hands to come, don’t worry you will get good cards, just be patient. For instance, you play tournaments of 800 players, the blind is 100-200, you have AJ (looks as a good hand, but very risky cards), you make raise to 600, 1 player call you, then you make a bet of 800 to make him fold, then you see a player re-raised you or goes “all in”, even if you have the Ace card on the flop, think twice before you call it, if he did raise most likely that he has AQ, AK. Of course always consider how this player is usually playing, tight or loose. If it’s a tight player- you will know almost for sure that he has good hand, if it’s a loose player- probably this is your chance to take his chips.

In general there are Turbo and Regular Tournaments. When you play on regular tournaments you have more time to find your good hands to take chips from others, the blind is growing slowly so you don’t lose too much chips while waiting for a good hand and position. When playing at Turbo tournaments, you must find a way in the first 15-20 minutes to earn more chips, take more risks than in the regular tournaments, and even make more high raises from the usual pattern.

Show other players that you have a good skill of poker. When you are at the table try not to make obvious mistakes. Fold many of your hands and if you have good hands make raise and be aggressive after the flop, mostly if you did the raise pre-flop. When you are in a good position try to bluff, find the low chips players on the table and make the bluff. Try to avoid medium cards if someone made a raise, when you are in the small blind and all the rest of the players have fold, make a very high raise, just to take him out. With this pattern other players will always try to avoid playing against you only when they have very good hands, basically if you follow this and you see player makes raise on you, you will know that he has a good hand and this is your time to fold.

Low Stack Tournaments- in these tournaments in the first rounds you base a bit on luck. Every round someone goes “all in”. For instance, you play in a tournament of 100 players, all started with 300 chips, wait to get an Ace card to go “all in”.
Of course, if someone goes “all in” before you and you have A with 9 kicker, just fold this hand. But if no one placed “all in” before you, this is the time to do that with any A. In 20 minutes there will be left around 20-40 players in the tournament, this is the time to be tight and wait to your position and cards. Do not go “all in”, make raises with good cards, play strong with high bets, and be aggressive when you feel that the other players don’t have a good hand.
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