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RedKings review
Our Total Score Review

What is special about RedKings?

• A huge number of players online daily
• Variety of exciting casino games
• One of the best deposit bonuses up to $1000
• Instant and reliable customer service 24×7

Redkings Total Score – 7.9
Bonus and Promotions: 9
Tournaments: 7.5
Freeroll: 7.8
Ring Table: 8
Graphics and software: 7.5
Deposit payment option: 8
Withdrawal payment options: 7.5
Support: 8
Security: 8
RedKings review
RedKings Info

USA players  not accpeted
Poker room name: Red King Poker
First deposit Bonus: 6 different kinds of bonuses up to $1000
Site URL address: www.redkings.com
Network: Ongame
Launched: 2006
Software size: 25 MB
Support email: support@redkings.com
USA players: Not Accepted
Max traffic Players: 7,000

RedKings is one of the most popular poker rooms available these days. The main attraction is the varieties of online casino games one get at RedKings and activities of sport events with Bet RedKings.

RedKings is a part of the largest online poker network connected to all parts of the world. This enables you to play the games and try out your luck against players from any part of the globe. There are options such as casino games and many other online cash- games along with the largest tournaments held online. The players here are offered with six different types of bonuses at the startup or at the beginner level. Here, you will find many exciting games 24 x 7 along with the backup and excellent state of art poker software.

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Bonus and Promotions – our score:9 score 9 stars
If you are a newcomer, then there are many bonuses offered at the starting level and the bonuses go on increasing as the levels increase. There are six kinds of bonuses at the startup level. You also get the vouchers, which you can share with your friends. At RedKings, there is something for all the players irrespective of their playing levels. The other types of bonuses are mentioned below:

Pocket RedKings Bonus Reward
This bonus is given to the new players, who have a experience of few games. Every player at the site probably earns this bonus as soon as he/she completes 2,400 initial points. The bonus offers a cash price of $300 and the only condition for earning this bonus is the completion of 2,400 points and determination of the hand number that is the player’s identity.

Pocket RedKings Bad Beat Bonus
This bonus is achieved at the next stage meaning it is provided to all the players, who complete 4,000 points. The total amount of cash price that can be claimed is $500, this bonus is also known as the RedKings Bad Beat Bonus.

Refer-a-friend Bonus

As the name indicates, the players will be paid a bonus of $50 dollars per every player suggested by them. This is the easiest way to earn bonus, as by just referring new players, you can get $50. It does not stop here, as the new players who have joined by your reference may get a bonus of $50 each on earning certain number of points.

Tournaments – our score : 7.5 score 7.5 stars
There are varieties of tournaments held online and these tournaments give an opportunity to the players to enjoy different exciting games. The following are some of the tournaments conducted regularly at RedKings.

Championship $300,000

This is a tournament held on every Sunday with the least prize money of whopping three-lakh dollars.

International Tournaments
There are international tournaments such as Brazilian Daily, Aussie Daily and many other such games. There are two such tournaments conducted every day with guaranteed cash prizes ranging from $4,000 $10,000.

EU Grand Prix
The Grand Prix Tournament is one of the weekly highlights with guaranteed cash prizes of up to six lakh dollars.

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Freeroll- our score : 7.8 score 7.5 stars
Freerolls are tournaments that have zero risk of losing. In addition, in other words, they are the safest played tournaments. RedKings offers many freerolls and some of them are mentioned below:

Each month on every Sunday, this requires 100 player points in order to play the game.
Second Friday each month, this requires 200 player points in order to play the game.
Third Saturday each month, requires 300 player points in order to play the game.
Last Sunday each month, requires 500 player points in order to play the game.
On Wednesday Nights, there is the long running and very popular $50 shuffle- up Freeroll, which is open to everyone using the password free4all.

Graphics and software – our score : 7.5 score 7.5 stars
At RedKings, the games are developed by using the latest technologies of the information technology industry. Special attention is paid on the graphical display of the games that enable the players to stick to these games due to their intense interest levels. Another specific area is the audio quality of the games that you get here. Due to the advance technology, the games are of simple nature without any confusing instructions. There are simple instructions on how to play the games and the information based on the bonus procedures are available very easily after the completion each level.
Payment option : Our score
Deposit : 8         Withdrawal-:7.5
score 8 stars
RedKings offer various payment options depending on the type that is deposit or withdrawal. The payments can be made by the options such as, MasterCard, Visa power, Neteller and Click and pay.
Support – our score : 8.5 score 8.5 stars
There is provision of 24 x 7 backup all three sixty-five days a year provided by the RedKings. This backup is through telephone, email or the customers may get into a live chat with the member of the support team. There are different customer service numbers and different support staffs as per the concerned gaming department. In this way, the customers are free to directly reach out to the support that they prefer without much of an effort.
Security – our score : 8 score 8 stars
At RedKings, the activity of data protection related to the details of the customers is strictly followed. The data is not disclosed to any other person or organization unless the client permits for the same.


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