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Texas Holdem Hands – How to Play Your Hands

While you have a lot of interest in playing the Texas holdem hands, here are a few tips to make you win.

Unless you plan for your texas holdem game become Taxes Holdem, you got to learn to play your hands right.

• Opt to play the good games – while this is a very common tip given by everyone who plays hands, the most important thing about it is that you got to know when to hold the hand and when to fold it. This should be known to you even before the flop happens. You cannot depend on luck and guess. It is at this point that many people lose the hand. In order to be the best, you have to know. However, if you are having bad cards in the game then just quit. Else you would lose your bankroll. Another good tip given to poker players is not to lose money other than a decent hand.

• Consider the opener hand – while the best opening pairs are aces, kings, queens, jacks, and tens you are advised not to bet on a lesser hand than these. Do not give away your strategies to your opponents by being predictable. Leave them to guess your move at the Texas holdem hands. Do not make your moves very prominent for them to know and counter your strategy.

•Closing hands – you should know never to bet on a 2 with any other card, 3 and 9 and 3 and 8. These are few of the combinations which can make you lose badly. If you have one of these hands, then I strongly suggest that you quit. You can save the situation before it gets worse.

•Keep a track on your game – this is one guideline which will while distinct you from other players. It is this action of yours that will make you a very good and unpredictable opponent. When you have lost a game, assess yourself and the game, figure out how you lost the hand and make sure you do not repeat the mistake again. It is the same with the winning hand. Find out what made you win and try to use the same strategy when the chances are there to win.

Therefore, you have to play the Texas holdem hands carefully to avoid losing the game and eventually your money.


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