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VC Poker Review

Our Total Score Review

What is special about Victor Chandler Poker?

•It is a genuinely trusted online casino
•Fast and efficient placing of bets
•Wide game options
•Effective client support service
•Best value promotions
•No hidden charges

VC Poker Total Score – 8.3
Bonus and Promotions: 8.5
Tournaments: 8
Freeroll: 8.5
Ring Table: 8.5
Graphics and software: 8
Deposit payment option: 8
Withdrawal payment options: 8
Support: 8
Security: 9

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VC Poker Review

VC Poker Info

USA players not accpeted
Poker room name: Victor Chandler Poker
First deposit Bonus: 300% up to 600
Site URL address: www.victorchandler.com
Network: Ipoker
Launched: New site, 2010
Software size: 4.5 MB
Support email: support@pokersupport.com
USA players: Not Accepted
Max traffic Players: 12,000

Victor Chandler, was founded in 1946, it is the world famous top most self-governed betting and online gaming association. It is well- known for its service of providing better value for customer’s money. VC is in the business for a period of more than 60 years, thus famous to be the oldest in the gaming business. It has many categories of betting and makes use of the latest technologies in the process. It is one of the online casino that has excellent security in terms of money transfers and graphics of various casino games to give an experience of playing at land-based casino.

The casino is certified and controlled by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. It also has its headquarter in the self- governing British Overseas Territory. It has many casinos in UK, Far East countries and Ireland that offer various gaming activities suitable as per the liking of the customer.

Bonus and Promotions – our score : 8.5 score 8.5 stars
There is a facility of 100% deposit bonus (up to$500). The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum bonus is $500. The bonus activation code is FULL500 and the release period is of 45 days. There are many new player bonus and promotions such as the $1000 New Player Freerolls and New Player Leader boards, where weekly prizes go up to $750.
Tournaments – our score : 8 score 8 stars
VC Poker offers one of the widespread ranges of online poker tournaments from any location through the Internet. You may play the games repeatedly in order to become a master. There are suitable poker tournaments for the new comers as well as experts. The following are the variety of poker tournaments offered by VC poker.

Online Poker Schedule: Here, you get an idea of the interactive schedule for all the cash and freeroll tournaments and you can accordingly plan your pattern of gaming.

Monthly Million-Action point Freeroll: By playing this tournament, you can find yourself shopping in the VC Poker store, where you can buy anything from trackers, bonuses and tokens to the Breitlings. In this tournament, there are a minimum of 2, 00,000 action points, which are sure for the victorious players.

Private Tournaments: These are tournaments for those, who are expecting something more exciting in the game, as here, you are allowed to set up a game privately for your mates and yourself.

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Freeroll- our score : 8.5 score 8.5 stars
Freerolls are classified as free tournaments in the VC poker online casino. In addition, entrance fees keep on changing. Gamblers can play the freerolls in an odd manner without any limits and no commitment, as there is no payment to be made. VC Poker is the best when it comes to offering freeroll games and there is no need of deposit before withdrawing the winning prize.

The best way to play poker freeroll is by entering a freeroll with a well-planned strategy and go for the freeroll that is ranked as top. Freeroll tournaments are played for a long time, as the game gets lengthy due to large number of players. You need to raise the bid, in case of a hand such as AA or KK. You are enabled to wisely plan your game, as normally there are many players participating.

Graphics and software – our score : 8 score 8 stars
For newcomers, the design is essential in order to understand the game and the different playing patterns at the playing table. It is important to constantly check the sound quality and the special features of the graphics involved. The graphics and the software used in the games at VC Poker are of the best quality.
Payment option – our score :8
Deposit and Withdrawal
score 8 stars
VC Poker offers bank transfers for depositing. Other ways of depositing include depositing by credit cards, debit cards, E-wallets such as Netteller, PayPal., EcoCard and Moneybooker. The well-known method to deposit is through Western Union money transfer facility.
Support – our score : 8 score 8 stars
The support provided by VC Poker is optimum, as there is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers to clear the doubts of new players. There are a set of rules and regulations, and the games are based on responsible gaming, which keeps a control on the emotions of the players while playing.
Security our score – 9 score 9 stars
At VC Poker, they have a firm security of the database. They also have some policies that determine the sincerity to the players, it is based on the Gibraltar Data Protection Ordinance and the values included in the act. It will also keep the players customers informed about the pattern of processing, once their personal details are gathered.

The players using poker rooms accept the terms and conditions of the company, they agree to the system of processing and the methods of games through which they are played.

The players, who are willing to join us as members, need to submit certain information about them, such as Name, Age, Gender, Address, E-mail id and Personal Telephone number. This information is used for the purposes of customer profiling, security that includes customer identity verification, management of separate customer account for any time reference,

recording game transactions and maintaining customer relationship and getting regular feedbacks.

Thus, with all these features of VC Poker, players get all the support and security that they require while enjoying their games to the core.


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